(person) well-dressed, attractive and stylish
(object) bright and fresh in appearance
(of a place) fashionable and upmarket
(informal) having or showing a quick-witted intelligence
précised from source: Oxford English Dictionary


Logos, business cards, brochures, packaging and everything else.


We have the expertise to deliver any printing process.


Outdoor, Indoor and vehicle signage made easy and affordable.

digital solutions

Web design, hosting and mail management.

corporate gifts

Branded gifting for your staff, clients or for yourself.

office design

We know the science behind designing the workplace.


Branded clothes, menus, cutlery, catering equipment & more.

custom made

Customised printing and branding solutions.

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In 1994, SmartWorks started as a high quality printworks, for clients who believe in excellence, expertise, and total professionalism. Today, we consistently evolve and expand to meet (and beat) our clients’ goals to stand out from the wallpaper of the millennium marketing mass. Talk to SmartWorks see how we can help you get your brand out there, with what we offer ‘in here’: We start by assigning you a dedicated SmartService client team to assist you, from initial query through to the solution you want to achieve, and final, successful delivery. This team will become your direct contact, project leader, brand guardian and go- between for the various SmartWorks business divisions, no matter how complex and multi-layered the solution.
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Customised Hand Sanitiser

Get your brand in the hand of every
South African.

We can add your logo to this great product.

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